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san diego anger management counselingAll you need to do is seek out emotional support, educate yourself about the concepts of anger, and participate in anger management classes or groups, if feasible.

Everyone gets angry from time to time, however when the anger begins to get out of control and turns into violent or destructiveness, then permanent life-changing issues will arise.

Be your own life advocate and expose yourself to interventions that can impact your life in positive ways.

It is important to discover the root causes of your anger.

This may include:

  • insecurity,
  • self-doubt,
  • unrealistic expectations,
  • poor coping skills, and
  • being overly emotional about ordinary occurrences.

Unresolved anger will lead to overt acts of aggression, that may include hitting another person, throwing objects, yelling or screaming. Without anger management, most of your interpersonal relationships will become damaged and you might face legal issues down the road.

How Anger Management Counseling Can Help

After discovering the causes of your anger, you will learn to identify the thoughts or other triggers that start it spiraling out of control.

I will teach you how to be assertive in your life, rather than aggressive. Cognitive Behavioral approaches are the most optimal types of therapy due to providing the longest lasting results. With this method, you are given control over your recovery with self-perspective and the world in general.

One technique involves deep breathing and relaxation. You will work on removing yourself from the negative situation and begin deep breathing exercises to calm down before reentering the situation. I will encourage you to practice the deep breathing before addressing an anger-provoking situation.

We will also focus on restructuring your negative thoughts, in order to not perceive the event as something larger than it actually is. Cognitive distortions will be addressed to point out word such as “should” used in your cognitions.

Former misrepresentations will be eliminated to stop those types of demands you place on yourself or other people often leads to your angered emotions.

I will also utilize emotional regulation as a component of the process to empower you to face uncertain and stressful circumstances.

You will gain control and emotional balance that will benefit you and those around you.

For anger management, my process will overall integrate progressive relaxation, cognitive therapy, and skill development. Research has shown that combinations of therapeutic approaches provide the most success in treating anger.

The benefits of anger management therapy enable relief from the anger-related signs and symptoms.

Anger management therapy will:

  • help boast your confidence and self-esteem,
  • build stronger and healthier relationships with loved ones,
  • enable you to better express feelings,
  • set clear goals for yourself, and
  • achieve an overall higher level of happiness.

You will be able to express yourself without feeling the anger that has always stood in your way.

Additionally, once your anger begins to be managed, you will notice that your overall physical health and fitness will be improved.

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