Grief Counseling Carlsbad

Grief Counseling in Carlsbad

I have deep empathy for your dreadful circumstances…

If you are viewing this topic, then that means you have lost someone very to close you.

Most people assume that grieving for the death of a loved one is the only type of grieving; however, if you know someone that has lost their spouse due to divorce, lost someone still alive, or even lost sentimental items in their life, that is also defined as grief.

Each person will experience and express grief in his own way, which can be highly influenced by culture.

Grief counseling is a form of therapy helping individuals cope with mourning a death or with major life circumstances triggering feelings of loss. Unfortunately everyone will be faced with some form of grieving at some point in their lives…

Why Grieving Needs to be Addressed

Grief Counseling San DiegoThe grieving process can be long; however, grief counseling can help you to acknowledge your feelings as you transition from one stage to the next, and therefore allowing you to understand that this process is completely normal.

Theoretically, there are five stages to healing:

  1. Impact that involves denial and anger,
  2. Chaos including disbelief and irrationality,
  3. Adapt to return order into daily life while continuing to grieve,
  4. Equilibrium to obtain stability and routines, and lastly
  5. Transformation giving you the ability to share with others in a supportive role, as well as identify purpose and meaning of your life.

Grieving your losses is important because it allows you to refocus your energy connected to the loss in order to invest your energy into something positive. It is difficult for anyone to let go the past.

To grieve is not designed for you to forget. The healthy grieving process will enable you to remember the loss but with sense of peace, rather than overwhelming pain.

How Grief Counseling Can Help

Everyone experiences grief in different ways; therefore, each person will respond to my approaches based upon their current thoughts, feelings, and circumstances.

Several common symptoms include:

  • difficulties with concentration,
  • guilt,
  • lack of sleep,
  • anger,
  • apathy,
  • numbness,
  • loss of life purpose,
  • loss of appetite, and
  • isolation.

By receiving help in your grieving is reassurance your balance of emotions will be more maintained, rather than setting off on rage or endless despair.

I will assist you to work through your reactions, rather than trying to avoid them for likely exposure later.

My preferred approach is known as Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) to improve your effective coping skills when grieving with your mental and emotional condition over time.

My treatment strategy requires you to identify your negative and debilitating thoughts, then immediately replacing them with more positive, constructive thoughts. This process will drastically increase positive feelings and behaviors that you will notice in your day-to-day life functioning.

I recognize the enormous pain caused by your loss.

I will come along side you through the hurt and emptiness. In grief counseling, I will provide a supportive role while you move through your own personal process of grieving and imagining life without your loved one.

I will meet you where you are right now, and help guide you toward rediscovering how to find some joy in your life again.

Since the experience of grief is so unique, complex, and personal, I will tailor your treatment to meet your specific needs.

If we are working toward your ability to cope with the death of a loved one, then I will help you accept the reality of your loss, adjust to life without your loved one, and maintain a connection to your loved one while moving on with your life.

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