Couples Therapy Carlsbad

I understand what you are going through.

Couples Therapy San DiegoYour past or current intimate relationships issues have most likely consisted of financial stress, infidelity, dishonesty, or infertility.

You probably have experienced difficulties that have included repetitive arguments, feelings of distance or emptiness in the relationship, pervasive feelings of anger, resentment, dissatisfaction or lack of interest in affection.

I am here to tell you that couples therapy will assist you to rebuild those broken relationships.

Feelings of hopelessness in your romantic relationship will lead you down a path of isolation and self-destruction.

The aim of couples counseling is to help you and your partner deal appropriately with your immediate problems and to learn better ways of relating to one another.

Nationwide, it is reported that there are approximately 21,000 marriage and family therapists using couples therapy to work through and deal with the relationship issues.

. In a review, significant data shows the efficacy of family and couples therapy. There has been no evidence indicating that couples are harmed when they undergo treatment. At the end of couple’s therapy, 75% of couples receiving therapy are better off than similar couples that did not receive therapy. Approximately 65% of couples report “significant” improvement based on averaged scores of marital “satisfaction.”

Therapy that produces the greatest gains and are able to maintain that gain over the long amount of time, tend to affect the couple’s emotional bonds and help the spouse’s work together to achieve a greater level of “differentiation” or emotional maturity.

You have the power to reach out for help in your relationships before it is too late to mend that emotional and physical bond.

How Couples Therapy in San Diego Can Help

Couples therapy is utilized in my office based on the issues with your significant other.

My strategies to help you overcome your issues with relationships will be dependent upon the relationship dynamics as well as your responses to each intervention.

Interpersonal psychotherapy is a time-limited treatment that will encourage regaining control of your mood and functioning, which typically will take 12–16 weeks.

I will teach communication skills to help face conflicts with constructive discussions. What might appear clear to you might not always be fully understood by your partner.

With guidance toward functional communication, it will alleviate misunderstandings that often occur.

I will also assist with exploring unconscious roots of the problems, whether it belongs to one or both partners in the relationship.

The Gottman method for couples therapy is also utilized in my office to increase affection, closeness, and respect.

This method allows you to state your needs and stresses conflict management rather than conflict resolution.

Along with the Gottman materials, we will use Emotionally-Focused therapy to encourage both you and your partner.
This will enable reorganization of your emotional responses, and secure a tight bond with your partner.

Relationship challenges arise in different ways, and being able to communicate with your partner is an integral part of a healthy relationship. Functional communication leads to better understanding between you and your partner.

Benefits include enhancement of intimacy to promote closeness, and refresh the bond in your relationship.

You and your partner will learn to speak honestly about your aspirations and convictions. Trust and commitment to a lifelong relationship is reinforced throughout the process.

The benefits you obtain from couples therapy depends on how well you use the process and put into practice what you learn.

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