Anxiety Treatment Carlsbad

Anxiety treatment in Carlsbad is easily accessible to anyone, including you.

anxiety treatment san diegoThe best treatment for anxiety is non-invasive, supportive, and will relieve your symptoms immediately. Anxiety is a feeling of fear, and worry. It usually is generalized and viewed as an overreaction to a situation that is only subjectively seen as minimal and able to be controlled.

Anxiety is often accompanied by:

  • muscular tension,
  • restlessness,
  • fatigue and
  • problems with concentration.

When anxiety is experienced on a regular basis, it is reasonable for the individual to get assessed for anxiety disorders and seek out anxiety treatment.

I know what you are going through.

anxiety treatment san diegoThe anxiety and worry that you experience is difficult to control and most likely leads to physiologic symptoms, including fatigue, muscle tension, restlessness, and other somatic complaints. You may be currently experiencing or have already experienced impairments in your mental health, social functioning, general health, physical functioning, as well as daily activities.

It has been noted that approximately one third of individuals with an anxiety disorder also decline in functional status and have increased risk of other psychiatric problems or substance abuse. Studies have linked self-medication with alcohol or other drugs as well as suicidal thoughts and major depression.

Anxiety can have a huge impact on your health and functioning. Anxiety is too often misdiagnosed and managed incorrectly, therefore seek out reputable mental health professionals for assessments and anxiety treatments.

How Anxiety Treatment Can Help

My approaches to helping you overcome your anxiety will be dependent upon the severity of your symptoms as well as your responses to each intervention. My most common method for anxiety treatment is cognitive-behavioral therapy.

This focuses on your thoughts as the antecedent, and then emotions, behaviors, and consequences follow. By identifying the negative thoughts and selecting positive cognitions to replace them, then the emotions, behaviors, and consequences are more positive.

Sometimes incorporating mindfulness approaches with imagery or in-vivo exposure therapy can also be helpful in the process.

With anxiety standing in your way, you’re most likely lacking concentration and focus. Your creative blocks may be standing in your way and with talk therapy we can help unblock those thoughts.

Working with me will get you the help you need to:

  • Achieve personal growth,
  • improve interpersonal relationships,
  • address family concerns,
  • resolve marriage issues, and
  • manage the stressors and fears of daily life.

I will provide a fresh perspective or point you in the direction of a solution. The benefits you obtain from anxiety treatment depend on how well you use the process and put into practice what you learn.

Some of the benefits available from therapy include attaining a better understanding of yourself, your goals and values, learning new ways to cope with stress and anxiety, and changing old behavior patterns to develop more productive behaviors.

Book your appointment today and let’s work on eliminating your debilitating anxiety and fears from your life.
Or, find out more about how combined acupuncture and therapy works to bring lasting relief and healing.