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Trump Presidency: How to Prevent Anxiety and Insomnia

March 23, 2017

Most people are traumatically affected by Trump becoming president. Learn how to minimize your anxiety and insomnia when thinking about all of the political changes we are facing! Whether or not you voted for Donald Trump or you voted for someone else, our society is highly impacted by the political viewpoints concerning our nation. Many people feel we deserved better…

Sleep-Wake Disorders: 11 Tips to Reduce Insomnia

March 09, 2017

Having a sleep-wake disorder is very difficult. If you or a loved one is struggling with insomnia, then there are some strategies to help! When experiencing insomnia, people either struggle with falling asleep or staying asleep.  Lighter sleep REM cycles occur toward the early morning hours, then leads to constantly being awake. Expect the deepest sleep to be in the beginning…

Sleep-Wake Disorders: How to Identify and Cope without Sleeping

March 02, 2017

Learn how to identify, manage, and cope with sleep-wake disorders before they control you and your ability to function! Recall the moments when you spent countless hours staring at the ceiling while lying on your bed. You are just hoping to fall asleep soon. You begin to experience anxiety, frustration, and uncontrollable racing thoughts. You look at the clock and…