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How will Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help Me?

November 03, 2016

What is the most common, and most effective, modern form of psychotherapy utilized in counseling services today? The answer is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also know as CBT is a brief, solution-focused behavioral treatment that helps people process the correlations between automatic thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and consequences. In fact, an individual’s perceptions hugely will impact their responses to…

7 strategies for Disciplining Your Children With Love

May 12, 2016

If your child is not listening, rebelling, and arguing with you, these seven strategies for disciplining and teaching your children and adolescents with love can help: Why do kids misbehave? For attention and power, they must get enough of each everyday in positive ways Negative behaviors are motivated by the attention they want. Kids only continue behaviors that works for…