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Teens with Suicidal Thoughts: Warnings Signs & Getting Help

September 22, 2016

At what age are suicidal thoughts simply thoughts? When do these become actions, planning those thoughts into self-harming behaviors that could lead to death? The validity and relevance on the topic of teens with suicidal thoughts is based on the high-ranking numbers of teen suicide, which has been reported as the third leading cause of death for youth, ages 15-24…

Suicide Prevention & Awareness

September 08, 2016

Help For Dealing With Suicidal People Have you ever experienced suicidal thoughts? Do you know someone who may be suicidal? Do you know a loved one or friend who has committed suicided? Dealing with suicide can be challenging. People who take their own lives truly feel that is the only way to end the unbearable emotional pain. Most suicidal threats…