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Bulimia: How to Identify Signs in Teens?

December 01, 2016

In order to diagnose an individual or teen with Bulimia Nervosa, one must struggle with his or her consumption of overeating excessive amounts of food. Do you think that your teenager is struggling with an eating disorder? Are you noticing abnormal emotional reactions toward food? Has your child shown signs of overeating and then expressed shame about it? Does your…

Binge Eating & The Holidays ~ Healthy Tips

November 23, 2016

Controlling Binge Eating During the Holidays can be Challenging. The holidays have become known as the season where everyone gets a free pass to eat as much as they want. However, for those of you who struggle with an eating disorder, like binge eating, it’s not that easy. This season for you becomes challenging as you are faced with guilt,…

ANOREXIA: Understanding the Facts & Signs in Adolescents

November 17, 2016

It is extremely difficult to identify behaviors of Anorexia Nervosa in our youth when adults are preoccupied with uncontrollable life stressors. Therefore, I am going to share with you the causes, symptoms, and the treatments for adolescent Anorexia. As a parent, you are most likely watching the behaviors of your child on a daily basis regardless of their age.  You…